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Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless provides solutions to end homelessness through a range of programs combined with supportive services.

Our programs:

  • Cordell Place - MCCH’s newest award winning program provides permanent housing to 32 single men and women in downtown Bethesda, in a facility featuring Personal Living Quarters, shared kitchens, a community room, and other amenities.  All tenants receive on-site case management as well as the opportunity to engage in a range of community events and activities.

  • Creative Housing Initiative Pilot Project  (CHIPP) – Provides housing to 16 formerly homeless individuals including those who have been frequent users of the emergency medical and corrections systems with permanent supportive housing and case management, in a apartment complex in Germantown. 

  • Home Builders Care Assessment Center men's emergency shelter – A year-round, 24/7 emergency shelter that offers a variety of supportive services and access to basic amenities to almost 740 men each year, with the goal of connecting clients to needed resources and stable housing.
  • Home First – A permanent supportive housing program for 30 chronically homeless, single adults. Residents receive case management and psychiatric rehabilitation services, in apartments in one building and scattered sites in Silver Spring. 
  • Hope Housing – A partnership providing permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals and families with disabilities. MCCH, as well as Interfaith Works and Stepping Stones Shelter, provide the direct services to 40 individuals and 2 families, while MCCH coordinates and oversees the operations and finances.
  • Partnership for Permanent Housing –A collaborative program with county government, the Housing Opportunities Commission, and private foundations. As the county’s pilot Housing First initiative, Partnership for Permanent Housing (PPH) combines the case management component of transitional housing programs with quicker access to permanent housing by providing subsidized permanent housing and supportive services to over 180 households.
  • Safe Havens – A low-barrier housing program for chronically mentally ill, homeless adults. Safe Havens provides case management, counseling, life skills development, and on-site psychiatric services with the goal of helping clients transition to a healthy life with permanent housing.
  • Seneca Heights Apartments – An award winning, innovative model combining housing, services and amenities.  Seneca Heights serves as permanent housing for 40 formerly homeless single adults and 17 families.  All tenants receive on-site case management and social services as well as the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of community events and activities.
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) Safe Haven - A low-barrier housing program for 15 veterans with severe and persistent mental illness or co-occurring substance disorders.
  • Vulnerability Initiative Program (VIP) - An expansion of our PPH program, our VIP provides permanent housing with case management and medical services to 15 of the most vulnerable homeless adults

Our other initiatives:

Public Education and Advocacy:

  • Advocacy is at the core of our efforts to serve our community’s homeless population and to end homelessness in the county. MCCH advocates on the local, state and federal levels and regularly encourages our partners and constituents to join us in these efforts.
  • Educating the public about homelessness, its prevalence in and impact on Montgomery County, and its potential solutions is an important component in fulfilling our mission. MCCH engages the public through our radio campaign, appearances on local television stations, and presentations at conferences, schools, universities, congregations, and civic groups.


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