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Facts on Homelessness

  • In 2014, a one day count found 891 persons were homeless in Montgomery County.
  • Out of 891 individuals that were homeless, 188 were children. Can you imagine not having your own warm bed to sleep in at night?
  • Homeless kids have grown-ups who love and take care of them, but it’s still very hard for them. They can’t do a lot of the things you do in your home every day; like having friends over to play, watching TV, using the computer, or eating meals with your family.
  • Some homeless individuals have jobs. In Montgomery County, over 50% of all homeless adults with chidlren work, but don’t have enough money to afford a place to live.
  • Not all homeless persons wear ripped, dirty clothes and stand on the street corner asking for money. You can’t always tell whether someone is homeless just by looking at them.

  • Why are people homeless? One problem is that people don’t make enough money to afford a place to live. Another problem is that housing costs are too much for people who don’t make a lot of money.

How Can You Help?

There are lots of ways that kids can help homeless people. With your family, school or youth group, you can:

  • Organize food and clothing drives.

  • Raise money to donate to shelters like ours.
  • Tell other people about the problem of homelessness - - that’s called “raising awareness”.
  • Write letters to politicians telling them that you think homelessness is a big problem, and asking them to change or pass laws to help homeless people.
  • Do volunteer activities for our organization. Click here to see some of our volunteer needs, and to contact someone on our staff about helping.

  • MCCH Community Walk Program Join with your family and friends and hold a Community Walk. You can help raise money to toward supporting ending and preventing homelessness while having fun doing so!

A Year of Activities!

Here are some suggestions for volunteer projects that your family, school, or civic group can do throughout the year. If you are interested in doing a volunteer project, please contact Teri Brenits at teri@mcch.net or 301-917-6660. If you are interested in preparing meals for our men's shelter, please contact Naira Hirz at naira@mcch.net or 301-917-6658.

Suggestions for a Year of Activities

JANUARY:  Have a gloves, hats and scarves drive
FEBRUARY: Make Valentine’s day cards and cookies
MARCH:  Make bagged lunches for the men’s emergency shelter on Gude Drive
APRIL:  Buy and/or plant flowers at one of our program sites
MAY: Collect toiletries for our men's shelter
JUNE: Host an ice cream party or our men's shelter
JULY:  Collect school supplies for family program
AUGUST:  Host a barbeque at our men's shelter
SEPTEMBER: Hold a Help the Homeless Community Walk at your school, congregation or with your troop
OCTOBER: Organize a new winter coat/shoe drive (men, women and children)
NOVEMBER: Adopt a shelter for the holidays - prepare gifts or fill clients' wish list by holding a collection drive.
DECEMBER: Organize, prepare and serve a hot holiday meal






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