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Montgomery County is now a part of the national 100,000 HOMES Campaign, a movement of over 200 communities working to find permanent homes for 100,000 chronic and medically vulnerable homeless Americans. Our local Campaign will prioritize those most in need of permanent housing and improve access to permanent supportive housing and services for homeless individuals. The 2013 Point-in-Time Count of Homeless Persons in the Metropolitan Washington Region, known as the PIT report, found on one given day that 1,004 individuals experienced homelessness in Montgomery County, and that 222 of these individuals were chronically homeless. This is unacceptable, particularly here in Montgomery County, one of the most affluent counties in the nation. This is why the Montgomery County 100,000 HOMES Campaign is so critical.

The phenomenal success of the Montgomery County 100,000 HOMES Campaign so far is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm from a caring community. We've successfully completed steps 1-5. Now we're focusing on securing permanent housing for our County's most vulnerable homeless individuals.

Montgomery County 100,000 Homes Campaign

Registry Week
Over 300 staff, community members and public servants volunteered to participate in the Campaign's Registry Week on November 3-7 that began with a three hour training on November 3. Each day from November 4 - 6, 17 teams of staff and volunteer surveyors were deployed from the two headquarter locations to conduct the survey between 4 and 6 a.m. in locations identified as hotspots by the outreach team. The result was that 369 surveys were completed and another 62 individuals were identified who refused to take the survey.  Those individuals who refused have been assigned to the various outreach providers for ongoing engagement in an effort to get them surveyed.  Of those surveyed, 159 or 43% were considered to be medically vulnerable. Montgomery County's Homeless Resource Day concluded Registry Week on November 7. On Wednesday, November 13, we presented results at our Community/Media Debrief. You can view the presentation and the Campaign's video below:



Support the Campaign

If you would like to support the Campaign, please complete the form below. All sponsors and donors at the $1,000 level or above will be listed in all Montgomery County 100,000 HOMES Campaign publicity materials. Sponsorship opportunities are available for individuals, businesses, congregations, corporations, and community groups to sponsor Montgomery County 100,000 HOMES Campaign activities and supplies.

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June 2013
100,000 Homes Campaign (Photo & Video)

For press related inquiries, please contact MCCH Chief External Affairs Officer Diane Aten at daten@mcch.net or 301-917-6644.

Press Releases/Media Advisories

December 2013
Montgomery County Council approves a $649,325 supplemental
appropriation to house the County’s most vulnerable homeless adults

November 2013
County Executive, Councilmembers, and Organizations Announce Results from Outreach Survey

Public Hearing on Special Appropriation to House County’s
Most Medically Vulnerable and Chronically Homeless Individuals

Montgomery County Council to Hold Public Hearing on
Special Appropriation to Support Permanent Housing for Homeless

County Executive and Council members Urge Residents to
Participate in Largest County-wide Homeless Outreach

October 2013
Community Service Project to Help Homeless Individuals for
a Critical Campaign in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Councilmembers Urge Residents to
Volunteer for 100,000 Homes Campaign Count

August 2013
Montgomery County to Host 100,000 Homes Volunteer Kick-Off Event - August 19

June 2013
Montgomery County Embarks on Recruiting Hundreds of Volunteers for Program That Will
Help Reduce Chronic Homelessness

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