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Use our job application form if you do not have a resume and cover letter. Please send applications or resumes/cover letters to:

600-B East Gude Dr
Rockville, MD 20850



fax to 301 -217-0824


email to with the job title in the subject line.

Director of Real Estate for Coalition Homes - Rockville

The CH Director of Real Estate is an experienced real estate professional with a graduate degree or minimum 5 years experience in multifamily real estate with a focus on affordable housing development and property management.  The Director will supervise the property manager and maintenance technician and be responsible for an annual budget in excess of $ 1M and asset management portfolio of approximately $13M. The focus of this position is to expand and manage the supply of permanent supportive housing and provide trauma informed property management services.  Coalition Homes currently owns and manages a portfolio of 96 properties which include moderately priced dwelling units and HUD 811 properties.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Affordable Housing Development:

Analyzes potential site acquisition and financing opportunities

Prepares responses to requests for proposals and solicitations for financing

Works with development team including preparation of development and operating budgets

Presents at meetings with partners and stakeholders

Identifies potential partnerships and opportunities to co-develop new projects

Asset and Financial Management:

Works with MCCH CFO to prepare CH financial reports

Assumes responsibility for asset management to include maintaining the CH loan portfolio and be a liaison to the County

Prepares annual budgets and monthly budget variance reports

Adheres to compliance and auditing reporting requirements

Property Management:

Manages tenant certifications and re-certifications required for rental assistance

Assumes responsible for annual HUD rent renewals and increases

Maintains  policies and procedures manual for facilities management

Oversee routine property management services including unit inspections and preventative maintenance

Collaborates with MCCH program staff to ensure tenant housing stability

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree required, MBA/MS, MURP or similar degree preferred

Applicant must be familiar with all aspects of real estate development process

Experience with Yardi or similar property management software preferred

Experience in residential property management including HUD Section 8 and HUD 811s

Excellent oral and written communication skills including public speaking

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Director of Real Estate" in the subject line.  

Employment Specialist for Home Builders Care Assessment Center men's emergency shelter - Rockville 

The HBCAC Employment Specialist is responsible for coordinating the Back to Work program for the residents of Home Builders Care Assessment Center (HBCAC)

Provide intake assessments for all clients able to work Develop an employment focused

Service Plan, with input from the client’s Case Manager, for those enrolled in the program.

Collaborate with and refer clients to appropriate programs in the community, including Montgomery

Works and Montgomery College. 

Refer to and organize GED and ESOL Classes as needed. Help recruit and oversee volunteers and interns to assist with teaching or tutoring in the BTW program.

Provide onsite employment training; facilitating both small and large groups or workshops throughout the week to assist with job skills.

Assist with resume building, job searches and basic computer skills.

Conduct outreach to employers to hire participants of our program.

Provide presentations to potential employers when possible to help establish important relationships.

Upon placing clients in jobs, follow-up at reasonable intervals to ensure productive relationships.

Work closely with both the clinical and operations teams to ensure clients are able to meet their employment goals.

Attend available training classes in areas of Vocational Training and Rehabilitative Services as

recommended by the Senior Case Manager. 

Attend regular staff meetings with facility staff.

Keep current on all client statistics and other reporting requirements. Maintain client service point

Records in the County’s Homeless Management Information System, HMIS. 

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

BA or BS in Social Work or Human Services field. Master’s degree preferred.

Possess solid vocational counseling and job training experience

Knowledge of homeless population and related issues.

Excellent writing, referral, and community collaboration skills

Good organization in documentation, service planning and follow-up.

Performs independently and as a team member with all staff.

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Employment Specialist" in the subject line.  

Assistant Program Director for Safe Haven

The Safe Haven program director works with chronically homeless, mentally ill, and dually diagnosed individuals in a first step emergency shelter program (Safe Haven). Provides an overall support system structure for the clients in Safe Havens and refers them to local agencies in the county for vocational, educational, and health and human services. Supervises Safe Haven case managers and provides guidance on the operations and management of the Safe Haven program under the direction of the Program Director. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintains active caseload of clients who need intensive case management.

Assesses clients’ needs and appropriate services and assists in implementing service plans.

Monitors client progress in substance abuse recovery and mental health status; collaborates with treatment providers to address crises, relapse and harm reduction strategies as needed.

Participates in meetings with service providers including physicians/psychiatrists to help resolve conflict and to monitor progress and communicates regularly with staff psychiatrist.

Coordinates prescribed medications for clients including arranging refills with pharmacy, picking up refilled and new medications, addressing pharmacy coverage issues with insurance, and assisting clients in filling medication trays weekly.

Maintains client files and active resource files.

Assesses clients in crisis and resolves conflicts. Develops interventions to resolve problematic behavior of clients.

Facilitate selection of applicants as needed.   

Represent program at service provider meetings and other community meetings as needed.

Responsible for general HMIS data entry and reporting, as well as other data collection and reporting for funders and general MCCH usage.

Facilitate case reviews and monitoring.

 Available for on-call emergencies and to address incidents in emergency situations.

Consult with Program Director on clinical, administrative and programmatic issues.

Work with other county providers to expand resources for clients and to coordinate services.

Fill in for Program Director when needed. 

Other duties assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Master’s Degree in human services-related field required. Minimum of five years of experience in social and human services or related field. Will consider combination of qualifications equal to educational and work experience.

Supervisory experience. 

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Assistant Program Director- Safe Haven" in subject line.   

Case Manager for Partnership for Permanent Housing (PPH) supportive housing program - Rockville

The PPH Case Manager provides case management to recently homeless families and singles in a permanent, scattered site supportive housing program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Utilize a trauma-informed care approach to identify and address issues precipitating homelessness.

Assist clients to maintain their housing through the effective application of harm reduction strategies.

Assist with reintegration into the community, independent living, and parenting skills.

Utilize solution-focused therapy techniques in combination with a strengths-based perspective to address challenges related to anger management, parenting, socialization, trauma, and domestic violence

Provide education and support around budgeting practices to support financial solvency.

Link clients with appropriate community resources and assists in implementing service plans.

Maintain active caseload of 18-22 households; many clients need intensive case management which may decrease over time. 

Provide a wide variety of client services such as counseling, referrals and resources, life skills training, employment assistance, and assistance with budget management and health maintenance.

Formulate diagnostic impressions and refer to mental health treatment

Assist clients with entitlement benefit applications and transportation.

Collaborate with outside treatment providers and other partner agencies.

Participate in meetings with service providers including physicians/psychiatrists to help resolve conflict and to monitor progress.

Maintain client files and active resource files.

Responsible for completing all program documentation in an accurate and timely fashion.

Compile client data for reporting purposes including inputting accurate and complete data in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

Assist in creating, planning, and facilitating meetings and social activities for program residents.

Work in conjunction with property management and private landlords to support clients in the areas of adherence to the terms of their leases, timely rental payments, and successful upkeep of their apartment units.

Provide crisis intervention and emergency services when necessary

Other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Master’s degree in a human services field.

Hands-on experience in social and human services field dealing with diverse populations.

How to Apply:  Send resumes to type "PPH Case Manager" in the subject line. 

Lead Case Aide Supervisor for Home Builders Care Assessment Center (HBCAC) men's emergency shelter - Rockville 

The Lead Case Aide Supervisor will provide supervision to case aides on shift and serve as a liaison between the Operations Manager and Case Aide Supervisors of the Home Builders Care Assessment Center.  The Lead Case Aide Supervisor will provide services in a fast paced trauma informed emergency shelter setting serving over 700 men experiencing homelessness each year.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides supervision for all Case Aides on shift ensuring case aide duties are fulfilled.

Creates and administers performance evaluations and staff performance memos when applicable.

Trains new staff and provides orientation to mission, protocol and HBCAC-specific policies and procedures.

Responsible for updating and maintaining monthly medication monitoring forms (i.e. client medication forms).

Works with the Operations Manager to maintain staff schedule and ensure staff coverage.

Serve as point of contact when the Operations Manager is unavailable.

Knowledgeable about the County’s HMIS – Service Point.

Enter all client intake information into HMIS and make corrections as needed

Update HMIS bed listing daily.

Update and print daily sign in sheet

Prepare classification folders for case managed client files

Transfer client files from manila file folders to classification folders

Transfer inactive folders from the “active” file cabinet to the “inactive” file cabinet

Maintain and organize files in the file room

Updating and maintaining front office forms and public drives containing program documents

Available to provide on call guidance 24 hours per day when applicable.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Bachelor’s degree preferred. Will accept High school diploma with a combination of qualifications.

Minimum 6 to 12 months related experience. Will consider combination of qualifications equal to educational and work experience.

Bilingual in Spanish and English preferred

Must have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record

Previous supervisory experience required.

Knowledge and experience with data entry, Microsoft Office suite proficiency required.

Office Management experience preferred

Knowledge of office filing systems required

Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships.

Basic understanding of harm reduction and trauma informed care and willingness to learn more

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Lead CAS" in subject line.


Weekend Case Aide Supervisor for Home Builders Care Assessment Center (HBCAC) men's emergency shelter - Rockville

Monitors the overall conduct and behavior of the residents in HBCAC, supervises case aides, and assists in meeting the basic needs of the residents.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

Provides supervision for all Case Aides on shift ensuring case aide duties are fulfilled.

Creates and administers performance evaluations and staff performance memos when applicable.

Trains new staff and provides orientation to mission, protocol and HBCAC-specific policies and procedures.

Works with the Operations Manager to maintain staff schedule and ensure staff coverage.

Works closely with HBCAC Administrative team to ensure effective operation of the program and facility.  

Identifies potential problems in personnel management, availability of resources, and participates in the management and resolution of these problems.

Registers new residents into the facility.

Provides a “listening” ear for residents.

Maintains log notes that should document all important and relevant incidences and briefs next staff at shift change.

Monitors the conduct and behavior of residents, reporting any unusual circumstances and records critical incidents to Support Services Manager, Case Managers, Operations Manager, as well as the Program Director.

Provides emergency intervention in response to hostile situations and crises and follows protocol to address emergencies to include contacting the Program Director or Operations Manager and/or calling 911 when applicable.

Monitors medication of residents.

Provides transportation services for residents in situations where the case manager is unavailable.

Attends and participates in scheduled HBCAC staff meetings and trainings.

Facilitate house meetings when applicable

Responsible for facility maintenance, ensuring cleanliness, safety and operational integrity.

Additional duties as assigned by the supervisor

Required Knowledge and Skills

High school graduate or GED. Minimum 6 to 12 months related experience. Will consider combination of qualifications equal to educational and work experience

Previous supervisory experience preferred

Bilingual Preferred

Demonstrated proficiency of Microsoft Office Suite (word, excel, outlook).

Must have a valid driver’s license and clean driving record

Ability to write routine reports and documents.

Ability to solve problems, negotiate and deal with a variety of concrete variables. 

Knowledge and experience in administering CPR and minor first aid.

Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships.

Knowledge of Best Practices including Trauma Informed Care and Harm Reduction

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Weekend CAS" in subject line. 


Maintenance Supervisor- Seneca Heights Apartments- Gaithersburg

The Maintenance Supervisor will complete work orders for apartment and community space related to heating, cooling, plumbing etc. Develops and implement a schedule for ensuring the cleanliness of the common areas both in and outside the building. This position is a live-in position located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and includes a one-bedroom rent-free unit.   

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Prioritize work orders

Maintain records of types and frequency of service requests received

Maintains inventory of equipment, tools and supplies 

Serves as on-call maintenance providing evening, weekend and holiday emergency services

Makes management approved purchases of supplies, equipment and services

Makes regular inspection of property

Meet with on-site Property Manager regularly to report on status of all scheduled work

Assist in move-in and move-out procedures

Make recommendations for contract services and supervise contract maintenance workers

Establish and implement a preventative maintenance schedule and maintain updated preventative maintenance information including location of extra parts for appliances, equipment serial numbers, service telephone numbers, etc.

Makes maintenance inspections and repairs on vacated apartments to ensure their proper operating condition and appearance upon move-in         

Keep workshop, utility room, and other storage areas clean, orderly and safe

Comply with and is knowledgeable of all state, county and federal rules concerning licenses and permits including OSHA

Identifies and provides solutions to any building hazards and/or liabilities and proactively mitigates risks

Maintenance Responsibilities:

Has thorough knowledge of power, water and gas turnoffs, clean-out traps, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants

Satisfies service request per work orders, following SHA procedures:

Enters residents units as convenient to make repairs and clean up thoroughly.  Observe condition of the unit and report any unusual circumstances. Leave notice of work performed in unit 

Assist with apartment make-ready procedures and all aspects of the property's maintenance, including grounds, preventative, corrective, deferred and emergency maintenance:

Maintain exterior public lighting, Clears gutters and downspouts, Repair structural wear and damage to buildings, Clean parking area, sidewalks, playground, hallways and common areas

Prepare vacant apartments, paints as needed, pick up trash on property and clean garbage rooms

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Minimum of five years experience with maintenance and/or property management

High school diploma.

Competency in simple household repairs and familiarity with water, heating and cooling machinery.

Ability to engage and train special needs population in taking care of their property.

Internal Candidates - Please follow the application process below to apply.

How to Apply: Send resumes to type "Maintenance Supervisor" in the subject line. 




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